PVC pipe is a simple, completely safe and inert material, unlike iron piping which needs anti-corrosion chemicals to safely operate to protect the public from possible lead contamination and pathogens.  It’s time to relegate these complicated, risky iron pipe systems to the scrap heap of history.

Over 40,000 North American water utilities use PVC pipe today, and more than one million miles are in service – or about 78 percent of all new drinking water distribution pipes installed on the continent. Some 10 million quality control tests have been conducted on water carried through PVC pipe since it was introduced in North America and around the world. All of them confirm the product is safe and beneficial to public health. [Uni-Bell.org]

PVC pipes have a life expectancy of 100 years. [Uni-Bell.org]

According to a Utah State University study, PVC pipes offer a high degree of resilience in freezing conditions. [Utah State University]

For every foot of 8” pipe replaced in Tryon, NC in 2014, area taxpayers saved approximately 30% by replacing deteriorating metallic infrastructures with durable PVC pipe. [Utah State University]

The city of Pleasanton, CA found PVC pipe to be “70 percent cheaper than ductile iron.” [U.S. Mayor]