“Iron piping is not only failing due to corrosion but is increasingly associated with public health and safety issues.  Recent studies show, for example, that the cement mortar lining used in ductile iron pipes is a potential source of water contamination and that there is an association between iron corrosion and increased levels of lead in water.” [Bonner R. Cohen via The Hill]

"Tom Hagerty, director of public works in Waukegan, said municipalities have moved away from lead pipes to deliver water over the decades, with Waukegan installing PVC in recent years." [Chicago Tribune]

“Facing many of the same financial constraints that bedevil Flint, Burton Mayor Paula Zelenko petitioned and fought Genesee County for her city to be allowed to have a procurement process for pipe replacement that included competitive bidding.  Her plan to upgrade Burton’s water system predates the Flint fiasco.  The project, which began in June 2014, will, upon completion in 2019, have replaced 19 miles of corroded, dilapidated iron pipe with lead-free, non-corrosive PVC pipe at a cost $2.2 million lower than the nearest bidder.” [Bonner R. Cohen via The Hill

"The Safe Drinking Water Act, enacted in 1986, required the Environmental Protection Agency to set standards for the concentration of lead in public pipes, with a push for ‘lead-free.’ This stirred the country on a road towards replacing old water pipes with PVC, as an eco-friendly alternative.” [Salon.com]